Arbahi Program

Al-Dawaa Pharmacies has the pleasure to provide you with the First Edition of "ARBAHI" (previously Customer Care Program), in which you can enjoy additional options and services. All you have to do is to fill in the form and enjoy your shopping at Al-Dawaa outlets.

ARBAHI allows you to exchange your points of purchases with gifts and prizes. Shop at Al-Dawaa and use you membership card (application below) to accumulate points. You will get benefits according to your card balance.

If you are not a member in Arbahi loyalty program, all you need to do is drop by the nearest Al-Dawaa pharmacy in your area, ask for the application form, fill it and submit it to the pharmacist and you will receive your membership card not later than 3 weeks from the same pharmacy you dropped your application in.

** New Modifications & Development of DMSCO Loyalty Program (Arbahi) Starting 1/1/2014 **

  1. Cancellation of the minimum level when redeeming points.
  2. Possibility of points fragmentation and redeeming portion of them.
  3. Activation of Arbahi points expiry date to be one year from the date earned.
  4. Modulation of the formula of points dispensing as follows:
    • Milk and diapers ( 1 point for every 30 SR purchase).
    • Medications ( 1 point for every 25 SR purchase).
    • Cosmetics (1 point for every 20 SR purchase).
  5. In addition to provide all pharmacies items including milk and diapers for customers selection when redeeming points.

ARBAHI loyalty program services:

Awards and Gifts

Points accumulated will turn into gifts and prizes that you can receive from the nearest pharmacy. Simply make sure that your purchases are recorded on your membership card. The more you shop, the more points you accumulate.

Medical consulting and periodic bulletins

ARBAHI issues series of publications and brochures addressing a variety of topics in the medical field, such as prevention of diseases and epidemics. You can receive them via e-mail or pick up a hard copy from the nearest Al-Dawaa pharmacy in your area.

How to subscribe to Abrahi loyalty program at Al-Dawaa outlet

  1. Ask pharmacist for the ARBAHI form
  2. Fill in form
  3. Collect your membership card from that same outlet 3 weeks later
  4. Start shopping and wining of points

Enjoy "Arbahi" from Al-Dawaa pharmacies.

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