DMSCO’s infrastructure Consists of central warehouses, scattered warehouses in many places, offices in all major cities, pharmacies and an IT system. Such infrastructure allows DMSCO to operate its operations easily and achieve customer satisfaction. The central warehouses in Dammam, built on area of 20000 sqm, are one of the largest warehouses in KSA. As such warehouses are equipped with modern technologies and managed by highly trained work force, they supply all sub-warehouses, Al-Dawaa pharmacies with all their needs timely. While the other warehouses located in the major cities, such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Ahsaa, Tabuk, Sakaka and Abha, built on area of 10000 sqm, provide the local outlets, at such areas, with all supplies and needs daily. DMSCO’s offices extend all over the kingdom. Each office has its own managers, accounting, warehouses, sales and marketing divisions. Such offices distribute the products on the sales outlets and ensure all services that Saudi community needs.